Conquer and Crush Your DIY Projects Using Our Home Improvement Binder


Do you have times where you feel as though your life is filled with a series of projects that have either landed in your lap or you willingly took on and you weren’t prepared?

Most of the time throughout our lives we have either been volunteered, assigned or taken on projects in our business and personal lives that we didn’t have the tools or skill sets needed to produce good results.

You know, a church leader glanced your way and decided you would be the perfect person to head up the end of the year appreciation banquet.  Your boss called you into his office and asks if you will take on a critical project for the company, or even worse, you were the mom that was sure you could plan and coordinate her daughter’s big day because there wasn’t enough money in the budget for a pro.

Most of the time we don’t just take on projects like this.  In fact, many times we are thrown into these unofficial project manager/leader or coordinating roles.

The problem with this is even though you are lacking the skill set or tools needed the expectations from your boss, church leader or daughter in most cases, do not change.  They want it right.

Some of you have natural abilities to take on a project and Crush it; is that you?  I mean, you walked away from the project or event with no regrets.  If I had to guess, I would say not many of you answered yes.

Maybe you pulled it off but the results didn’t really please you or anyone else.  The sad part is many of us spend much of our time in business and life in these roles and have never learned the skill sets and tools for achieving good results.

If your thinking to yourself, “this really doesn’t apply to me”, you might be right. But if you have planned birthdays, anniversary parties, weddings, receptions, vacations, church events, home remodels, home renovations, room makeover or landscaping projects just to name a few, you have been working in one or more these unofficial roles at some level in your personal life and that’s not even counting everyone that is having to step up to the plate in their business lives like launching a new company.

Does that mean you have to learn the official processes a project manager uses to be successful?  NO!  If I had to learn that I would never have taken on the projects that I have throughout my life.

But, by learning some unofficial skill sets and using some simple tools you could greatly increase your ability to execute projects with less effort and a greater amount of predictability without compromising quality.  Isn’t that what we all want?

I can confidently say that because of the steps I follow and the tools I use I have been able to experience success at this level with the projects I have been involved in.

Our desire is to help you do the same and because of that, we have a developed a free downloadable tool to help simplify your home improvement projects.

Click on our link to get a free instant  50 page Home Improvement Binder download.  It is a great tool for helping you to plan, organize, track cost and execute all of your home improvement projects.

And after you have successfully completed your project it will leave you with all the important details from paint colors, finishes, cost, receipts etc. right at your fingertips.  You can find more information on how to download on the upper right-hand side of this page.

I will be adding some future post about each element of the binder to help you learn some of the skillsets I spoke about in this post. If party planning is new to you jump over and pick-up our free Party Planning Checklist in our recent blog Plan All Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool

We hope you enjoy – Until next time

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