10 Must-Do Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home


10 Must-Do's Before Selling Your HomeWith all the DIY Home Improvement shows today most people know that if they want to get top dollar when selling a home they will likely have to make repairs and updates, before putting it on the market.

With all the DIY Home Improvement shows today most people know that if they want to get top dollar when selling a home they will likely have to make repairs and updates, before putting it on the market.

In this post, we will cover the 10 Must-Do before selling your home if you want top dollar.  As well as an actual project we are currently working to help a friend do just that.  Download our free 10 Must Do’s List to help get you moving in the right direction.

10 Must-Do's before Selling Your Home

  1. Paint all interior walls to a neutral color. Do simple lighting and plumbing fixtures changes where needed throughout the house.  If your ceilings are stained or old you need to consider having them painted or updated. If your kitchen cabinets, countertops, fixtures and/or appliances are out of date consider some simple solutions like painting cabinets and changing hardware.  These changes go a long way!
  2. Make sure you fix plumbing issues.  Don’t think the buyers are not going to open the cabinets and look under the sinks.  Believe me, they will!
  3. The heating and Air Conditioning will be checked by the inspector. So, even if the buyers don’t notice, they will get a full report after inspection on the HVAC unit(s). If they aren’t working correctly spend the money and get them fixed now before putting your house on the market.
  4. Electrical Issues need to be addressed before putting your house on the market.  Remember you will be signing a disclosure document when you list the property asking you if you know of any problems.  The buyers may not be able to see them but if you know they are there it would be wrong not to disclose them and they could come back to haunt you later.
  5. Sprucing up the landscaping to give your house curb will get the buyers through the front door!  Make sure you don’t skip this one.  You have no chance of selling a home when you can’t get the buyers through the front door.
  6. Simple updates to a bathroom can yield big money.  Replacing vanities and countertops go a long way when someone looks at a bathroom.  Remember to get rid of the clutter and clean, clean, clean!!!
  7. Buyers look at flooring.  Before considering costly replacements check with some flooring contractors for pricing on refinishing and or rejuvenating them.  This can save considerable amounts of money.
  8. I know no one wants to talk about the roof.  But let’s face it, the buyers are going to get a report on the existing roof and if it has damage they are going to want it fixed.  If it is a matter of a total roof replacement this may be a time where you would want to consider giving an allowance in the price so the buyers can put a new one on after purchase.
  9. If you have dirty or damage pavement or asphalt it will hurt the curb appeal of the house.  It is wise to have all of the asphalt/pavement repaired and cleaned before putting your house up for sale.
  10. Most people don’t think about having their garage doors replaced before selling their home.  In my research, according to American Services most realtors feel that it adds value to the home and can increase the list price.  Remember most garage doors are glaring the buyer in the face so if they are causing your home to lose curb appeal change them out!

I hope these 10 must-do’s we have listed help you to make the decisions on which projects you need to focus on before putting your home on the market.  If you need to hire contractors to help you with the plumbing, electrical or other work check out our recent blog Hiring a Reliable Contractor is Easy When You Follow This One Rule.


Below is the project we are currently working to help a friend get her home ready to sell. Most of the projects we have listed below are cosmetic because, let’s be real how many of you want to see the plumbing repairs?

We are using our Home Improvement Binder to keep track of all the project details.  If you’re planning a project in the near future and haven’t downloaded it grab it now!

Home Improvement Binder example


Kitchen Improvements:

  • Painting kitchen cabinets
    • The cabinets were cleaned and painted with a light coat of primer.  We used Annie Sloan Old White for our base coat then used Annie Sloan French Linen as a wash then came in with a light old white whitewash.  We then sealed them with Chalk Paint Liqueur.  I know that probably sounds like a lot of steps but really it is pretty easy.  The results are so much better than just a flat coat of paint.
  • Replacing all hardware on cabinets
    • All hardware (hinges & pulls) were purchased from Wayfair
  • Paint walls & trim
    • Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray with Origami White trim will be painted throughout the house.
  • Install new dishwasher
  • Install new hood vent for range

These are 4 simple things you can do yourself to really update your kitchen.

Here are some before and after pictures

The kitchen is not completely done as you can see the electrical covers need to be put back on.  The paint above cabinets needs to be completed but we are well on our way to checking this room off the list.

Living Room Improvements:

  • Paint walls and trim
  • Whitewash Stone Fireplace

This is not the actual fireplace it is just an example of the technique we will be using to update the fireplace. I will update post in a few weeks with after pictures.


Fireplace Example

  • Fresh Paint on Mantle
  • Remove textured ceiling and paint
  • Install directional recessed light

Possible Projects:

  • Build and Install Shelving

Outside Projects:

  • Porch:
    • Since the steps to the front porch needed repairs we though it would be good to actually remove them and update them with new decorative posts.  I don’t have any before pictures but do have after pictures.  The stairs still need to be stained and the railings painted.

Front Porch Steps

  • Landscaping:
    • If you read our recent blog Landscaping Projects; Get the Best Bang For Your Buck you know that spending as little as 5% of your homes value may get an (ROI) return on your investment as much as 150%. So, I bet you can guess that we will be doing a landscape overhaul!
  • Pressure Washing
    • The house will be pressure washed as well as the driveway and walkways.When we finish the project I will update this post with “after” pictures.
  • Front Door
    • I am sure we will put a fresh coat of paint on the front door as it is considered to be one of the most important things to do before listing a home on the market.

We are glad you swung by to check out our new post! We look forward to seeing you again

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  1. You are right about inspecting every part of your home, make sure that it is in top shape with excellent curb appeal, otherwise it will either remain unsold for a long time or be purchased by a flipper at ridiculously low rates.
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