7 Simple But Fun Fall Activities to Help You Experience Fall In A New Way

Fall Activities

It’s Fall Ya’ll. One of my most favorite seasons of the year! If you’re like most people in the South you might find fall  the cooler weather and all the colors inspiring. Now is a great time to do something new. Here are 7 simple and fun fall activity ideas that may help you experience fall in a fresh new way.


# 1  Try a New Fall Savory Recipeone pan autumn chicken recipe

So this is one I have already done this fall. I picked a recipe I would not normally make and made it.  I was so glad I did.  It was so fun trying something new and it was an amazing dish that I will probably make every fall!

It is called One Pan Autumn Chicken.  My husband LOVED IT and so did I! I found my recipe on a fantastic website called Cooking Classy here is the link to One Pan Autumn Chicken Recipe  in case you want to try it.


# 2 Check Out the Fall Colors

Too many times seasons come and go but we don’t take the time to take it all in.  Instead of letting fall pass you by get out and enjoy the colors.  If you have biking or hiking trails get out and try a new one.  Most cities in the south have well marked trails for hiking and biking.

If you don’t want to get off the beaten path then hit your city greenway or walk your own neighborhood.  The goal is to enjoy the cooler temperatures and the colors of the season.


# 3 Go Get Some Apples

If you missed the September Apple Festivals it’s not too late to visit your local Apple Orchards. Go pick your own apples and enjoy shopping all of their homemade apple products.

Apple Cider, Apple Fritters, Apple Butter the list goes on and on.  Some orchards also have hay rides.


# 4 Cook Up Some Applesvanilla Apple Gratin

Whether you have a large family to share a fun time in the kitchen with or it’s just you trying new yummy apple dessert recipes it can be awesome because you get to eat it when you get done!

Here are a few recipes we are going to be trying in the next few weeks. We will share our experience on our Facebook page . So, make sure to like our page so we can share with you.

  1. Vanilla Apple Gratin – This simple, orchard-fresh dessert captures the flavor of vanilla ice cream melting into the warm apples in a pie — but more quickly, and with way less fat and sugar.
  2. Fresh Apple Cake – This nutty comfort cake from Sharon Buckner of Rhineland, Missouri, gets a sugary top and caramelized gooey bottom as it cooks. Don’t be surprised by the thick batter; it will bake into a moist, dense cake.

Both of these recipes sound so yummy so, I am going to make them. What better way to get a taste of fall than to literally taste it.


# 5 Make Some Cider

Make your own apple cider.  I know it sounds cliche’ but how many of us have actually made our own cider during fall.  Changing up routines and traditions are a good way for us to experience things in a fresh new way.

  1. Go Hot – Use this simple Hot Apple Cider recipe that Lacey shares over at A Sweet Pea Chef.  Here is the link.
  2. Go Cold – Here is a quick cold sparkling apple tea recipe you might enjoy.  The recipe is by serious eats here is the link.
  3. Go Spiked – If you want to spike your cider why not go with a classic.  Cider Mimosa’s. The Chew has a simple recipe here’s the link.

Whether you go hot, cold or spiked your sure to experience some of fall while sipping of these drinks.


# 6  Host a Fall Harvest Party – Outside

Hosting a Fall Harvest Party doesn’t have to be difficult.  Pick-up a few bales of hay and set up some crate tables and invite your closest friends!

You can make your hot, cold or spiked apple cider, a special dessert, caramel popcorn in cute holders and a caramel apple bar for your food and if it is evening time you can have a campfire and s’mores if it is cold enough.

If you like to provide an activity setting up a  pumpkin painting or carving table is a safe way to go. You’ll be surprised how many people will try their hand at some crafts when it is in front of them.

If you need instructions for your caramel apple bar visit Rhonda at Kitchen Dreaming. She has some great instructions just follow this link.

If you are having a bigger party you may want to grab our Party Planning Checklist in our recent blog Plan Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool.


# 7 Toast Those Seedstoasted pumpkin seeds

If your going to carve pumpkins you should toast the seeds.  You can make them savory or sweet.

After all this is one of the rewards for taking the time to carve a pumpkin!

Heidi over at 101 cookbooks has great tips on roasting pumpkin seeds; three ways here is the link if you want to try it out.


Join in the Funfall activity list

These are the 7 activities I am going to be sharing on our Facebook page this fall and if you want to join in the fun download our (free)  Fall Activity List

If you don’t use our 7 activities I hope you take a little time and find some activities and challenge yourself to do them. So that you can experience fall in a brand new way!


Until Next Time – Keep Crushn’ It




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9 thoughts on “7 Simple But Fun Fall Activities to Help You Experience Fall In A New Way

  1. I miss fall. I live in a tropical country now. No more changing leaves 🙁 I have always done the first five things on this post. Love going hiking in fall. Don’t forget to catch the pig races when you go picking apples 🙂