3 Simple But Effective “How-To” Party Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Party Stand Out

Make your next party stand out using these simple how-to decorating ideas!


Make Your Party Stand Out With These How-To Decorating TipsSIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE DECORATING IDEAS:

Over the years, I have learned how to use the functional elements of a party as decor. Using elements like food, cake or a specific decorating feature can really make your party stand out.  Whether it’s a shower, birthday or graduation party you can use these simple how-to tricks.

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Using the cake as the focal point for any party is a great idea.  From Bridal to Birthday events it always works.  This is actually one of my favorite elements to do!

Using the cake as a major decor element may include a little extra cost but for what it gives, it’s totally worth it.  Even though there is a little more cost for the cake when using this element it will save money on other decor.  So, in reality, it all works out in the wash.

Making the Cake Stand Out at You Event


If you decide to use the cake as a major decorative focal point of the party you have to really work at showcasing it.  I recommend putting it in the middle of the party area.  I typically use a separate table to accomplish this.

As for the cake itself you will need to have a two-tier minimum round or square; whichever you prefer.  I recommend using a reputable bakery that has good recommendations.  If you don’t know any I suggest using social media to get feedback from friends in your area.

The cake should run you about $ 75-100 dollars for a two-tier, depending on who you use.  Once you have the design picked out for the cake you need to decide if you want to put a special topper on the cake.  In the party that I am previewing you can see that I chose to put the initial of the person’s name we were celebrating. If your unsure what to use jump over to pinterest.com or etsy.com for some ideas.


Using balloons in a different way changes everything.  Instead of anchoring them in a bundle try using them as a major focal point of the decor.  In the pictures below you can see how I use the balloons and curling ribbon as streamers from the ceiling.

Using Balloons to Make Your Party Pop


I suggest getting enough balloons to fill the entire area of focus.  For instance, I am using them right above the featured cake.  It brings a more dramatic effect when your guests walk in the room.

If you need a way to secure the balloons in the confined area simply use a double sided tape on the ceiling.  Lightly pressing on ceiling so that you can easily remove it when done.  Once the tape is on ceiling take balloons and stick to the tape all the way around.

When you have the border completed fill in the middle with all the other balloons. Using balloons is a very inexpensive way to really make your party or event stand out.

Tip: You may want to use a light narrow masking tape to place on ceiling than use the double sided tape on top of that.  This way you can be sure you will not remove any paint from your ceiling.


Food is a great element to use as a part of the decor of a party.  I worked a cookbook project and hosted a special Book Launch Party for my mother. She launched her first Legacy Cookbook at the age of 77!  It was an honor to be a part of the team to help make her dream come to life.

In the pictures below you can see how I chose to make the book and the food the largest design feature of the party. If you would like to see all the elements of this party check out the blog Seize the Opportunity to Live a More Meaningful Life.


If you use food as a major design feature I recommend displaying it in a way that really showcases it.  In this case I ordered food tasting sample cups, containers, spoons and forks. It was very inexpensive and a fun way to showcase it.

If you are just having a simple party I recommend taking the time to really set up the food serving area to showcase it. Below is pictures of they way I have utilized this at a baby shower.  If you want to check out more tips & tricks on party planning click here.

Here is another example of making food party of the excitement!

Tip: Always make sure you get some great pictures.  Because, one of the best gifts you can give is to make a special picture book or calendar for guest of honor to give at a later date.  I use Shutterfly.com because it makes it super easy.

In Closing,  I hope you feel like you got some good ideas for using function elements as decor to really make your next party stand out.  If you try any of them share with us on our Facebook page

I have also included more pictures below for more ideas.  Until next time! TNT


Table Centerpieces

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