Plan All Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool

Party Planning Checklist

Party Planning

So, you’re getting ready to throw a party but have a hard time staying organized and keeping track of all your planning to-dos; no worries! Just download our simple Party Planning Checklist and use the actual party I planned in this article as a go-by example, you’ll be planning parties like a pro in no time.


Party Planning!

Our Party Planning Checklist is a simple tool for any event, whether your planning a dinner party or a birthday bash we have all the details covered from one month to a half hour before the arrival of your guests, with this tool you won’t forget a thing.  Grab your checklist and get started now!





Since everything revolves around your date for planning purposes you will need to set you date right up front. Once you decide on the theme of your party come back and write in your time and location as these will be influenced by the theme.


No matter what kind of event your planning a baby shower, birthday bash, fundraiser or dinner party deciding on an engaging theme is the first step in creating an amazing event.  Having a unique theme can be the difference between a boring event or one that is fun and memorable for your guests.

Defining the theme early will make it easier to pick the right venue, decor, food and beverages. So, you might be asking yourself how you pick a theme your guest will love. Start with asking yourself these two questions.

  1. What is the goal of this party?  Is it to raise money, inspire, entertain or educate? You need to pick one main purpose.
  2. Who is your audience?  Are they young adults, young mothers, older professionals? What would your audience want?

Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would want.  If you’re still struggling to find you theme hop over to Pinterest for some party theme ideas.

The party example in this blog, the theme was eggs in a nest theme inspired by these adorable cupcakes.


Once we had our theme I knew we would base it around everything nature but keep our focus on the soon to be hatching eggs!  As this was what the event was really all about.  Celebrating the soon and coming baby boy!


It is very important to lock down the total amount you can spend on your event as this will be your budget.  It makes it much easier when you start estimating your party elements like flowers, decor, food, favors, entertainment and rentals because you can quickly see where you need to make adjustments during the planning stage.



Start making your guest list. Remember your budget will also drive the number of guests because of food and beverage costs.  Once you have your list down get those invites sent out ASAP.  The sooner the better.

If it is a big event I recommend that you spend a little bit more time to send out save the dates about 8-12 weeks ahead. I personally love using because it is very easy to pick a nice design and track all RSVP’s.

Remember if you are mailing invitations make sure you take into consideration mailing cost when picking the invitations.  If you pick an invitation that is a unique size the postage cost is going to be considerably higher.


All tables, chairs, tablecloths & equipment will need to be rented at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Don’t wait till the last minute to reserve your rentals.  You may run into a problem if they have other events around your event date.


All flowers need to be ordered for any small to medium size party 3 weeks prior to the event.  As you can see in this party I just simply went with a simple glass vase and four arrangements.  Hydrangeas worked great for this party since I could coordinate the colors perfectly.



If you are not doing your own music and will have any type of live entertainment you will need to get it nailed down.  Three weeks prior to the party you will need to have a signed contract for entertainment or you might be without live entertainment.


You will need to have your favors source out pretty quickly if they need to be shipped to you.  If you order them too late you may find yourself spending more money than you budgeted on shipping cost.  One of my favorite sites for party favors is They have party favors for a large variety of events.  I used a simple robin egg soap in a bird’s nest dish which worked perfectly for the theme.



If you have any DIY Projects now is the time to get them done!  Don’t wait until the last minute as you will have plenty that will need to be done closer to the event date without adding a special project to the list.  The DIY project that was done for this party was a diaper cake with our bird theme.

Planning a party like a pro is easy using our Simple Party Planning Checklist, so if you haven’t already downloaded it make sure you grab it before you go!

If you liked the party decor in this blog I have listed the details & pictures below for your reference.

Until next time




I used a 48″ round table you can choose to use whatever size or shape works with your room.  I covered it with a simple and inexpensive tablecloth that fell to the floor.  To add detail to the table I then used a 2″ circle paper garland and draped it around the entire table.


Blue Ribbon


To give it a finished look  I used a 1/4″ baby blue with brown stitching around the entire top edge as shown in the picture above. I used hot glue to attach both paper garland and ribbon but you may use anything you wish.  Hot glue makes it pretty easy to deconstruct when you are finished. You can use any color ribbon you like, but I would stick to the 1/4″ width with the 2″ circle garland.

I try to always have something hanging or placed above my focal point or table. Whether I use balloons or these light green, blue and white pom poms like this party.

I love pom poms  because they are very inexpensive at about $10 dollars for an eight piece set.  I simply hung mine with white flat thumb tacks.  When you pull them out you never even know they were even there.

I used plain white serving platters all different shapes, sizes and heights to add interest. The menu items i picked for this party were simple.  Tomato Pie, Quiche, Vegetables with dip, Chocolate covered strawberries and theme cupcakes.  The menu was a hit.





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