My Home Office Makeover Reveal!


A New Office

Can I say I am totally in love with my new office!   I have been so excited to share this makeover with you.  Out of all of the projects we have done over the years this is my favorite.  I bet you have guessed why, because it is MY office!


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The first step I take when I am getting ready to make a change is to find inspiration for my project.  I’m sure like me, most of you do this online.   In the case of my office, I found inspiration in an office of my dearest friend, Patti.  It is an amazingly beautiful office that Terry and myself had the honor of helping put together with my friend Jennifer who is an interior designer.  Let me show you!

So as you can see I drew the inspiration of running a credenza on the back wall and a nice writing desk on the front.  Love this work configuration.  This office has a nice sitting area for meetings.   Lets look at the beginning of my office transformation.


As you can see from the pictures above this office was very small and overflowing with papers that I just had no room for!  I hope you will be excited to know that I used the same furniture in my new office but did a complete makeover on them.  I will list in details below.


We started by changing the color of an upstairs bedroom from a very dark gray to a nice bright gray.  I always by Sherwin Williams Paint, in my opinion it is the best.  The paint color is called Reflections.

It took me a day to paint my office myself.  I used to loath painting but I have learned to cut in without taping and love it now.  Stayed tuned for my tutorial on cutting in paint without taping!

We put up new crown moulding to finish off the room. We get asked quite a bit on how to install crown moulding so Terry will be doing a tutorial on installing crown moulding and the resource guide very soon.

I did a few projects for this office and will be doing some tutorials on them in the near future.  The first was revitalizing my old desk by lightening up the dark colors and oak top using chalk paint.

Second, was a pallet mirror that found online that I loved but did not want to spend 200 dollars on so we decided to build it and will be releasing the Pallet Mirror Project with detailed drawing and all instructions as our gift for anyone who signs up on our list to receive our Business & Life Crush’n Tips & Tricks!  You will love it.

Here are a couple of quick project that I did in less then thirty minutes. Just a quick color change on both!

Here are a couple of items that I we purchased in the room that people continually ask me about. First is the crystal chandelier hanging over my desk.  I love it!  Second are the panels I have hanging in my office, both have gotten rave reviews! I do not have a link as of this time for the panels but I can tell you they are from Wayfair.  Please refer to the picture below.

We hope you enjoyed my Home Office Reveal.  As you can see it didn’t take a lot of money to really change the look of my office  It has been a fun project.  Please check back for the new tutorials that will be available in the coming weeks!

Until Next Time, Blessings from our home to yours!

Terry & Teresa



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