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Keeping a nice lawn and landscaping is all part of owning your own home.  If you have hired anyone to do these services for you I’m sure you found out they are not cheap.

You may be asking yourself if landscaping is even worth doing?  The answer is “Yes”!

According to article Is Landscaping a Good Investment For Your home?  spending as little as 5% of your homes value may get an (ROI) return on your investment as much as 150%.  Decreases the amount of time your home is on the market – sometimes as much as six weeks and nearly 90% of real estate agents encourage home owners to landscape prior to selling.

So, whether you’re selling your home or living in it the rest of your life these numbers show that landscaping is a great investment and worth doing. But, it doesn’t change the fact that landscaping comes with considerable price tag. However, they’re are ways to cut cost significantly that we will cover in the post.

Cutting Cost:

The first thing you need to do is make a list of the projects you would like to do. Once you have your list you can either use our Home Improvement Binder Worksheets to estimate the cost of your project or consider hiring a professional to do this part of the job.

Hiring Professionals:

We are all about hiring professionals for items we lack experience because it can save you money in the long run. For instance, ten years ago we had little knowledge of plants and where they should be planted. We knew that if we didn’t pick the correct plants it could cost us more in time and money.

So, we hired a landscape designer to draft a plan we could follow.  Over the years as our knowledge grew we felt confident enough to change different elements of the design.  But this is not necessary if you take the time to do the research in the planning stage.

Do it Yourself:

A huge part of saving money on your landscape projects is to do as much of the labor as possible.  How much you do will depend on your physical abilities and you desire to learn how to actually do the work.

According to Landscaping Installation Cost Estimator the average cost to install landscaping is $3528 on medium size projects large projects can save you up to $9147 dollars.  So you can see that even if you only did a quarter of the work you can save considerable amounts of money.

Plant Costs:

There are several ways to save money on plants. The most obvious is hit the end of season sales these can be big money savers but this would depend on the timing of your project.

Another way to save money is to use perennials over annuals as you only need to buy and plant one time not every year.

Lastly, you can save a considerable amount of money on plant cost by buying bare root perennials from online suppliers like: Michigan Bulb or other local plant suppliers.

It will be a longer process but, if you’re not opposed to starting with smaller plants it will save a ton of money.  For details on this process visit where they break it down into simple steps.

These are the three main ways we are saving on our current landscape projects we are previewing in this post.  Watch for our upcoming blogs that will detail each step of the projects listed below.


Landscaping Overhaul

Our homes landscaping was growing old after 16 years.  Shrubs and hedges started having problems, trees become oversized for areas they were planted in and we started losing curb appeal.  So, it was time for a landscape overhaul.

During the planning of this projects we have documented what we think is the best material for the price and the simple install steps we used that we will share with you in our future landscape posts.


Dry Creek Bed Project

We decided to put in a dry bed because we have had a drainage problem in the back of the property for sometime now and with the additional rains this year it’s only worsened.  A dry creek bed is not only solving a problem but is a great border for our future perennial shade garden. Based on the size of this job we will be doing much of the labor to cut the cost and renting equipment when needed.

Here are our inspiration pictures.  In our Home Improvement Binder we have a place for your inspiration pictures.  It is important to start your project with good inspiration and this is ours.  Of course, ours will not be exactly like these but both have some elements of what we are aiming for.

Here is the start of our project.  It is approximately 250 feet in length and 3 foot wide.  It includes a French drain below grade that will give us twice the water handling capability that we currently have.

Grass has been cut and removed to form our preliminary creek bed.  The bermudagrass that was removed was relocated to a new area of the project.

At the bottom of the creek we will be placing a memorial for our dog Clifford.  For those of you who knew Clifford below is a short memorial video for you!


In conclusion, using smaller plants and doing some labor can save you big money!  Leaving you feeling satisfied with what you accomplished and super happy with the price tag.

We hope you find the information we shared in this post useful in making your landscaping plans for this year.  Please share your landscaping projects with us on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Until next time, TNT

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13 thoughts on “Landscape Projects; Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

  1. I have been stressing over my front lawn for some time now. There is a large tree, pretty much in the centre of the lawn. I wanted to remove it, but it is a city tree so I have to keep it.
    I am disabled, so I am trying to reduce the yard work. Besides, I am not very good at it anyway. I live in a winter climate. I would like to go to a xeriscape yard. I will be hiring a company to do this. Is there anything I should know before I start, so they do not overcharge me for items I do not need?
    Also: I will need a wheel chair ramp in the next 5-10 years. Is there a way to create wondering ramp the is part of the landscape? I am thinking of the yellow brick road out of the Wizard of Oz!

    • Judith, this is a wonderful idea! I would recommend that you hire a professional landscaper that knows all the native plants in your area. Or take the time you need to do all the research. I would just make sure you talk to your landscaper about your future need for a wheelchair ramp so it can be placed in the initial design. This will save you money down the road. Thank you for your comment.

  2. What a beautiful home and garden you have, clearly a LOT of work and love has gone into building the life of your dreams. You’re an inspiration to a lot of people by creating something so genuine.
    Personally, I find landscaping and the finished project, if it does ever get finished, very theraputic and calming for the soul.

  3. Hello Terry, I found some inspirational pictures here. You have such a beautiful home and garden. You are an inspiration to a lot of people by creating something so genuine. You have shared such a nice tips for growing healthy flowers in the front porch. Thanks and keep posting.

  4. Hello Terry, you have shared great tips for growing healthy flowers in the front porch. I really needed your tips for my garden too. I hope to find more such articles in future also 🙂