Hiring a Reliable Contractor is Easy When you Follow This One Rule

Since we’ve released our Home Improvement Binder in our recent blog Conquer and Crush Your Projects Using Our Home Improvement Binder we felt it would be important to share some instructions on how to use some of the elements in it.  So, every week we will be writing on different elements of the binder.  In this article, we will be focusing on hiring a reliable contractor by following this one simple rule.

Hiring a Contractor

You can either download the Home Improvement Binder or the Recommended Contractors List.  Either way, the Contractors List is what we will be referring to in this post.


I feel that finding and selecting a reliable contractor is one of the most important tasks you can do when starting a project, this is why I have decided to make this the first topic I will cover.  Let me share a story that may help you understand why I believe this.

Recently, a friend mentioned to me that she was getting ready to do a complete remodel of her bathroom. As we talked about the project and all the details she expressed her frustration with the contractors she had contacted. I asked her what type of problem she was having she answered, “they don’t show up”. I call them, give them the details of the project, schedule a time to meet and look at the project. Then they just don’t show up! I wanted to tell her how unusual this was but unfortunately, it’s not. At least not from what we have experienced. I could sense her frustration so I gave her one simple tip that I will be sharing in this post that would help get her project back on track.

As you can see from her story the contractors can influence your project either negatively or positively, from the very beginning.  So, make sure you take the time to find and select reliable labor contractors before jumping into any projects with them.


This simple rule is easier said than done. Unless you follow the guidelines I am about to share in this post you may find yourself making this very mistake, because it can be easier allowing this behavior rather than addressing it. Let me share a story…

When we started our master suite remodel we had some sculptured carpet that needed to be installed. One of our local flooring centers gave us a contractor recommendation and said, “he was the best”. In fact, they informed me that they call him “The Legend”. The next day I called “The Legend” and set up a meeting. He scheduled an early morning appointment with me at our home. That time came and went and by noon he was still nowhere to be found. To be fair, I always give a contractor 1 hour outside of our scheduled appointment time to connect with me in case there has been an emergency or a traffic issue.

So what do you think I did? I’ll tell you, I immediately contacted another contractor.

That didn’t seem too bad, right?  That’s because it wasn’t. I have managed many projects and learned to follow this one simple rule  NEVER HIRE A NO-SHOW OR A LATE CONTRACTOR!

Let me finish the story… at 3:00 pm that afternoon “The Legend” calls to let me know he was heading to my house to look at my job. It was very easy for me to tell him that there was no need in doing that because I had already contacted another contractor. I am sure that caught him off guard. You know being “The Legend” and all.

When we are forced to address uncomfortable situations with others it is easier if we have already made a plan that we can just follow through on.  In this case, this one simple rule was broken and I had already decided what the outcome of that would be NEVER HIRE NO-SHOWS OR LATE CONTRACTORS!

So, I was able to quickly move the project forward and line up the next contractor to meet with me. Which by the way did a fantastic job and he went on my Recommended Contractors List.

Once you have added a suggested contractor to your list and they break the rule, I suggest you take a big black marker and mark them right off the List. Period, end of the story!  You can probably take it to the bank if they did it once they will do it again and if you do business with them you will more than likely find out that they will be the one that runs behind schedule, overpromises and underdelivers.

Once you put that black mark through their name they should not be considered for any future projects. I don’t care who recommends them or how good the recommendation was or who they claim to be, don’t break this rule! Now that we have covered the one simple rule let’s talk about how we can find a reliable contractor.


I gave my friend in the story above one simple tip for finding some of the best recommendations to put on the Contractors List. And here it is; use social media to ask friends for personal recommendations.

You will be surprised at how many good recommendations you will get.  People that have found good contractors want to help others do the same.  They are usually more than willing to give you the contact information and share their own experiences, cost, pictures etc.

She took my advice and went home that night and put a post on her facebook page sharing the project details and then asking her friends if they could give her any personal referrals for a good contractor. The next day I checked the responses she got and they were excellent.  In fact, she scheduled a meeting and hired one of the contractors that had been recommended. Now she is well on her way to the finish line with her project! She will probably keep this contractor on her list for any future projects.

So, like my friend, if you follow this one simple rule and the guidelines I have mentioned in this post you will find your Home Improvement Project will have a much better chance of success from the decisions you make from the start!

We hope this information has helped you today. For more information on handling subcontractors once you have selected and hired them, you can check out this article at 123flip.  If you are planning on selling your home in the near future you may want to check out our recent blog 10 Must Do Home Improvements Before Selling Your Home.

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  1. The key to finding a good contractor is taking your time. Do your research from friends, family, and online. While a cheap contractor might be attractive at the start, he/she might be costly in the long run so avoid him/her.