3 Simple But Effective “How-To” Party Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Party Stand Out

Make your next party stand out using these simple how-to decorating ideas!


Make Your Party Stand Out With These How-To Decorating TipsSIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE DECORATING IDEAS:

Over the years, I have learned how to use the functional elements of a party as decor. Using elements like food, cake or a specific decorating feature can really make your party stand out.  Whether it’s a shower, birthday or graduation party you can use these simple how-to tricks.

If party planning is new to you jump over and pick-up our free Party Planning Checklist in our recent blog Plan All Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool.  It will walk you through every step of planning a great party.


Plan All Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool

Party Planning Checklist

Party Planning

So, you’re getting ready to throw a party but have a hard time staying organized and keeping track of all your planning to-dos; no worries! Just download our simple Party Planning Checklist and use the actual party I planned in this article as a go-by example, you’ll be planning parties like a pro in no time.


How to Make Your Most Difficult Painting Projects Easy by Using This One Tool

"The Critter" Spray Gun


As promised, it is time to release our review of our recent purchase, The Critter.  We purchased The Critter Siphon Spray Gun to use on our most difficult painting projects and it just so happened that one of the projects was on our project to do list for this year.


One Simple Way to Transform Your Artificial Tree Fast



If you have an artificial tree and you are struggling to make it look real, I have one simple trick that will completely transform your tree fast.

We had a love hate relationship with our artificial tree for years, but our desire to have a  pre-lit, hassle free tree while our children were young was at the top of our list.  Even though it never quite looked as good as the real deal, we were willing to live with it because of the convenience.





How to Re-Purpose Your Un-Used Fireplace

Build a Faux Stacked Log Fireplace Insert

If your looking for a great way to re-purpose your non-working fireplace this is a great way to do just that.  We helped our daughter build this one for her fireplace and she loves it!   It is an inexpensive way to stop drafts and refresh an empty un-used fireplace.


Fall Home Decor Tour


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Fall and I can’t even say that word without getting excited.  I love love love Fall.  I mean if we could pick a season this one would be mine.

I love the colors, I love the crisp cool air in the morning, but I think the thing I love the most about fall is it always seems to be the season where I am the most hopeful.  I have the most anticipation that something good is going to happen in my life.  I know that sounds crazy but in the past it just always seem like good things happen for me and my family in the fall.  Do you ever feel like that?!