Crush Life’s Unexpected Struggles; God’s Way!

Crush Life's Unexpected Struggles God's Way


Some of you may have noticed that my weekly blog posts have been a little sporadic.  I am sure, like me, you have experienced times in your life when everything didn’t go quite the way you had planned. You know the things like unexpected sickness, injuries, accidents, financial crisis, family emergencies to name a few.

I am so glad to be able to write this blog about some of these unexpected life struggles and crushn’ them God’s way! Because I have been personally experiencing some of my own struggles in the past few weeks, I decided to ditch my blog plan this week and talk about these struggles and share with you the way I have been taught handle them when they come my way.  I am in no way an expert on spiritual issues but have been taught by others who are.

One of them, is my closest friend Patti Williams who is a certified life coach, author, pastor, teacher, and founder of Patti Williams Ministries has taught me God’s principals over the past 18 years. Her teachings have helped me to stay the course during some of the toughest struggles in my life.  In this article, I will share some of the takeaways I have learned from her and others in my journey.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t repent of your sins on a regular basis I recommend that you ask for forgiveness of any sins before walking through the following steps. Let’s get going…


Understanding that we will all have unexpected struggles in our life is half the battle and will be helpful in getting us through them in one piece. If you live life believing that you won’t have any struggles it may leave you spending a lot of important time uselessly questioning why it is happening to you.

You might be asking how I know that we will face struggles in our lives?  Well, as a Christian, I know the Word of God tells us that we will all face struggles in life  (James 1:2-4) understanding this will help keep us from falling into the trap of asking why the struggle has come our way.  Making it easier for us to focus on God’s solution, rather than our struggle.

Now that we have established the fact that we all face unexpected struggles in life let’s look at God’s way of crushing them all.


What outcome are you expecting?   I hope if you are a Christian you are expecting exactly what God expects!  You might be asking how do I know what God expects?   That’s simple, knowing God’s Word is the only way to know what outcome to expect. A good way to do that is by searching out the subject of your struggle in the concordance in the back of your bible. Begin reading the scripture listed under that subject.


Once you have searched the scriptures and found the promise for your struggle you have to believe it.   If you are finding it difficult to believe the promise then you will need to meditate on the promise day and night, speaking it out of your mouth until your faith grows and you believe it.  I mean you must believe it for yourself! Be patient, this is a process. Your expectations won’t change until you go through the process.


Once you grow your faith in God’s promise and you believe it with all your heart you are now able to receive the promise by faith.  I’m not talking about some “name-it-claim-it” talking.  I’m talking about life giving faith.  This is the very foundation of everything Christianity stands for.

“If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved?”

The faith that opens your spirit to become born again is the same faith that you need to believe that the promises of God will provide a way out of every life struggle you may face. It is not presumptuous to think we can have a good expected outcome it is pure faith.  This is what it means to “claim the promise of God”. There is no better time to do this than in the middle of your struggle.


Once you have claimed the promise of God for your situation you are simply saying that you trust and believe God will follow through on His promise. Numbers 23:19 says that God is not a man that He should lie; God is trustworthy.  If you are having a difficult time trusting God just remember, the more you practice putting your trust in God during your struggles the more you will be able to see that He is trustworthy.

Some of you may be asking why we even have to deal with struggles in our lives. The answer is they show us if our faith is genuine and are they are used in perfecting our faith.  When we understand this we can go through life struggles with joy!

“Consider it pure joy, my brother, and sister when you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”.

Struggles give us an opportunity to exercise our faith!  So, If you have come to a place of believing God’s promise for your struggle and received it by faith trusting that God will follow through on His promise, then you should be experiencing a peace that surpasses all understanding because you know the expectant end!

If you not experiencing this peace, you need to walk through the process again until it comes.  I also recommend that you listen to Patti’s Podcast on Finding Peace in the Middle of the Storm in Your Life.

I think it is important to remember who God says He is by meditating on His names.  You can download our free pdf download  Who God Is… here.  If you would like to learn more about the difference between praying and whining grab Patti’s book, Sometimes It’s All About You: Connecting the Dots Between Life and Faith.   (affiliate Link)

On a closing note, let me testify that one of my unexpected struggles was a back injury.  I somehow put my back out of alignment on a degree I have never experienced before.  I have followed the steps above and have requested prayer with Patti’s Prayer Ministry Team who have joined their faith with mine for a quick turnaround.  I am already seeing major improvements and am believing that I will see full restoration! In times of life’s struggles, it is always good to have others agree with you in prayer!

If you’re in need of prayer and would like Patti and her prayer team to pray and agree with you just click here.

I pray these truths have blessed you as much as they have blessed me in my journey! Blessings from our home to yours TNT



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