Create the Lawn You Dream of With 4 Simple Elements

create the lawn of your dreams

Summer made it’s way to the South and with the change of seasons comes adjustments to our lawn management program.

In our last article, Picking and Caring For The Best Type of Lawn in The South we talked about the characteristics and management of Bermudagrass.  So if you haven’t read it here are a few highlights.

Once Bermuda grass is established it is easy to care for. Because it is disease resistant and drought, heat, and traffic tolerant.

During the spring months, it is essential for you to provide Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium for green, healthy turf.  So we recommend that you get your soil tested to determine your lawn nutrient levels.

If you are unsure how to do this jump over and check out the information in our recent blog  The Importance of Gaining the Right pH Level for Growing a Beautiful Lawn.

In this article, we will cover the four simple but necessary elements to creating the lawn of your dreams this summer.

Irrigation, fertilization, weed and insect control are all requirements elements to keeping your Bermuda grass healthy and beautiful throughout the Summer months. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the ways we need to apply them to our turf grasses.

Irrigation Facts:water hose

No matter what type of lawn you have water is always a requirement.  How much water depends on several different elements; for Bermuda grass it’s easy.

This turf thrives in the hot summer months. In fact, Bermuda grass can go 60 to 90 days without irrigation.  Putting it at the top of the list for drought tolerant turf grass.

Don’t get me wrong, Bermuda grass will take as much water as you will give it but that doesn’t mean it’s good for it.  Watering too often will turn your grass in to a shallow-rooted water junkie.  Watering once a week for 1 hour will forces the grass roots to go further into the soil making it more drought tolerant.

We do not have an irrigation system and we rarely water.  The rainfall in our area is usually more than sufficient to give the grass what it needs but if it’s not we will supplement to keep the grass looking good. For more information on measuring the moisture level of your turf download our free Bermuda Grass Summer Lawn Guide

Grass Fertilization:lawn fertilizer

Bermuda grass is really very low maintenance during the summer months. You will only apply Nitrogen during the summer months to keep it deep green. Simply download our free Bermuda Grass Summer Lawn Guide for all the details.

Weed & Insect Control:

Weed Control:Weed Control

During the Summer months apply annual and perennial postemergent herbicide to all broadleaf weeds.  Two or three applications over 7-10 day period is required for effective weed control.

Only apply when weeds are present, the grass is actively growing and the lawn is not suffering from drought stress.  See our lawn guide for more details.

Insect Control:Insect

Cricket, beetles, grasshoppers, worms and other insects can all find a home in a nice thick Bermuda lawn.  Some eat on grass blades and some eat on grass roots. Thankfully, Bermuda grass usually grows faster than they can eat.

There are, however, a few insects that can increase their population large enough to cause damage to your lawn.  The good news is most of these can be easily treated with a soil insecticide or natural products like Milky Spore.  The best time for once a year insect treatment is in late July or early August.

Insect damage usually appears in an irregular shaped patch of discolored or brownish grass in the lawn.  Make sure you observe the area for a week or two for any growth changes.  If it grows in size you will need to treat it with soil insecticide.

If you need help identifying any of the insects that may affect your lawn visit American-Lawns for more information.

In conclusion, if you give your Bermuda Grass the necessary water, nutrients along with weed and pest control you can create a show-stopping lawn of your dreams!

We hope the information we shared today help you accomplish that.

Until next time, TNT


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