Create A Simple Winter Wonderland Centerpiece for the Holiday Party Season


winter wonderland centerpiece

If you’re looking for a centerpiece for your home or your next event, look no more.

I designed this centerpiece to be used on a 60 inch round table but the design color, size, and shape can be changed to be used with any table size with a few adjustments.

Centerpiece Supplies:

1 – 16×16 plastic serving tray

1 – 10″ diameter x 1″ height round cardboard lid

2 – 3″ glass candle holders

3 – Candle vessel holders

1 – Glue Gun

1 – Silver Spray Paint

30 – 40 Variety of different size and colored christmas balls

2 – Plastic Snowflakes different shapes and sizes

3 – real or battery operated candles (choose size according to your holders)


Assembly Instructions:

Step 1:

Pick up a plastic 16×16 serving tray from Hobby Lobby or any party supply store then paint with a silver spray paint. Make sure you pick a paint that can be used on both plastic and cardboard.


Step 2:

Pick up one round 10″ in diameter and about 1″ in height cardboard box top lid from Hobby Lobby or any store you can find it in. You may have to buy the box and lid.

Once you have the box top lid spray paint it with the same spray paint you used on the plastic base.

Step 3:

Pick up two 3-inch glass candle holders that you can find in the candle section of Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart.

Take the two and glue them together with hot glue. Once they are glued together they will be approximately 2″ in height.

Step 4:

Now it is time to start putting the base together.  I placed the base on the table then hot glued the cardboard box top to the base and then put the glass riser in place.

Step 5:

Now that you have everything in place you can start assembly by putting your tallest of the three candle holders in place.

The reason I use the glass riser is because it is very difficult to get the candle holders to look good together if they are all the same height.

If you can find three that you like that are different enough in height then you do not have to use the glass riser. See picture below for example

Step 6:

Time to add all the all the balls.

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece Assembly


Notice I am using all different size and color balls and some with glitter.  This will add dimension to your centerpiece.

The tiny silver balls are the most important because they fill in all the spots between the larger balls. You can find these with the miniature tree ornaments.

Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Step 7:

Once all the balls are added just move them around in the right places and make sure there aren’t too many of the same color balls together. Once you have the balls placed the way you like them add your candles and your snowflakes.

I used these centerpieces for an event I did a few years ago and they were beautiful.  They were very easy to make up ahead of time and have a small group of people to put them together a couple of hours before the event.

If you are doing a party or an event you may want to check out our recent blog Plan All Your Parties Easily; Using This Simple Tool where we have a (free) Party Planning Checklist download.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. This is a beautiful centerpiece that is a very easy DIY project and doesn’t take much time or money to put together. If you have any questions just post them in the comment section below.


Until next time, TNT



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