Be Productive in Life; 5 Simple Actions to Get the Results You Want Now!

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Does it sometimes feel like life is moving quickly and you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done? Be careful, it is easy to waste time being busy but not productive.

Often, we have fooled ourselves into believing that being busy and being productive are the same, but they are not.

Unfortunately,  this can lead us down the road to regret because we didn’t think we needed to create a plan to use our time wisely.

As a result, we haven’t seen our big plans and dreams in life realized.


Reality Check


A few years ago, my close friend and Christian Life Coach Patti Williams taught me that one’s own perception, no matter how wrong it is, is for them their reality.

This is why we need to take time for reality checks.  You see, I believed at one time that all my busy work was productive work. When in reality, it was just a way of checking tasks off my list to relieve my pain of procrastination.

Like me, you may be a  little disappointed to hear that all of your busyness does not equal being productive.

Even though it was a tough pill to swallow, once I understood the difference between the two I was able to take action.

By making a plan that gave me the time I was desperately searching for so that I could pursue the big plans and dreams I had for my life!

Some of you may still not be sure if you are in this busyness trap or not. So, I have listed some indicators below to help you decide:

Feeling Indicators:

  • Overwhelmed
    • With many small tasks that produce little, if any results
  • Frustrated
    • With their lack of progress
  • Disheartened
    • Too much to do never enough time so they want to give up.
  • Tired
    • No explanation necessary
  • Angry
    • Often feels like they have to carry all the workload

Behavior Indicators:

  • Have lot’s of priorities by can’t keep track of them.
  • Say “yes” to everything then complain about it later.
  • Focus on activities instead of results.
  • Expect everyone else to be busy like themselves.

Being productive in life will leave you feeling:

  • Satisfied
  • Focused
  • Successful
  • Confident

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced all of these feelings and behaviors in the busyness trap and because of that, I made a decision to make some changes in my life.

Today, I am happy to report that I feel confident and satisfied that I am successfully focusing on my top 5 priorities in life.

I hope if you have identified any of these emotions or behaviors working in your life, you can see the value of making the decision to make the necessary changes in your life too.

If you have, and you’re ready now to reclaim control of your time so that you can get the results you want in life then start taking action by:

  1. Reading the rest of this blog
  2. Downloading our (free) Productivity Workbook for Life

Let’s move on!


We know that moving from busy work to productive work requires change. We start that change by making a decision to stop and refocus so that we can get a clear picture of how our daily activities align with our current priorities.

Priorities are a major component in being productive. So take a little time and think about what your top five priorities are. Then determine if you are living these priorities out through your daily routine.


Often, we can get off track with our daily activities and miss our priorities altogether. Examining your daily routines over 3-5 days will help you quickly identify any daily activities (actions) that aren’t in line with your priorities and goals.


You can’t reclaim something unless you know you’ve lost it.  By making the decision to stop, refocus and evaluate your priorities and time, you should have gained insight into how and what you’re spending your time on.

If you have found that your daily routine does not reflect your priorities and goals you need to ask yourself “why”? It is very important to determine if these are really your top priorities or are your activities giving you a way to check things off your to-do list to relieve the pain of procrastination.

Once you have definitive decision on your top priorities you can now see what activities are supporting your priorities and goals.  Leaving you with a decision to either change your priorities and goals or stop doing them altogether.  You will, in turn, be reclaiming time lost doing unnecessary activities.


Now that you have taken the time to establish your list of 5 true priorities it is time to start creating goals.  Some of you may feel that creating goals is a dreadful task but it is really very simple.  Here is a simple visual of how our priorities create our goals.

Priority-Goal Flow

You can see that your priorities create goals and your goals help identify actions.  Hense, your actions become your daily activities.  They don’t change unless your priorities and goals change.

You can use this simple flow above along with the goal creation worksheet we have in our Productivity Workbook (part 1) or simply write them on a page in your notebook.

Just make sure you follow the SMART goal acronym below. Note: I like to think of the “A” as not only attainable but the actions I will take. For instance: what realistic actions will I take to attain this goal.

“The Key is not to plan what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.”

In conclusion, If you have taken the time to walk through the steps of defining your priorities and establishing your goals, you can now reclaim control of your time by creating a daily schedule that is filled with activities (actions) that support your priorities and goals.

Hopefully, leaving you feeling satisfied that you can begin to start living a more productive life now!

Until Next Time,

Terry & Teresa

If you have big plans and dreams for your life and you have found yourself stuck you may want to read my recent blog: Stuck in The Pursuit of Your Dreams and Don’t know How to Break Free; 3 Questions to Get You Unstuck Quickly.


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19 thoughts on “Be Productive in Life; 5 Simple Actions to Get the Results You Want Now!

  1. After reading this I realized that I have “vacuuming” on my list to do each day. Well, at the end of the day it was still there. Each day I would carry it to the next day and never get to it. Day after day, the same thing. After reading this, the only thing on my list today is “VACUUMING”!!! I just may be able to accomplish this. I seemed to do the easier things first. LOL

  2. I have felt all of those bad emotions at one point or another while trying to plan. This post is really helpful! And, thanks so much for the free download. I’m going to download it tonight. Very sweet of you. God bless xoxo

  3. I loved the tips share in the post. I would like to ad one which I feel works good for me is Stay positive as much as you can. PRoductivity of a Positive person increases 100 times and shows a good result.

  4. I often feel overwhelmed by a too large of a list. I have also felt all of the negative emotions and a spike in anxiety. Great post! I feel it will help me.

  5. This post was really helpful and also kind of eye opening. I’m a working mom with two small children, and I’m always so stressed out with everything that needs to be done.. can easily take away the focus from whats really important. Downloaded the productivity workbook, and i’ll be testing it out for sure, Thank you!