Terry and I are a couple who have been Crush’n Life Together for more then 20 years! We met by chance in an oil field on the North Slope of Alaska and have been a team every since. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren and live in the great state of Tennessee.

We founded and built A company with revenue of 7 figures in just a few short years. So by now I am guessing you have figured out our secret. We are not in our 20’s and we have experienced a little bit of life. But…there was only one problem; we were not living a life we loved! So we decided we wanted a DO OVER!

I’m not gonna lie and tell you it was an easy decision to walk away from our only source of income but we knew that we had too. Because living a life full of adventure, passion and significance was just as important as having wealth in our hands. That’s when we decided we needed to change directions and begin to pursue a life loving what we do so we could live a life we Love.  Because  of that decision you are on our website today.

We believe our blogs, podcasts and other material we have developed will give you array of ideas and practical solutions to help YOU CRUSH in LIFE & BUSINESS!  We hope sharing our own life struggle inspires you to seek to live a life you love by loving what you do!  With that said, make sure you give us your info so we can send you our favorite Life & Business Crush’n Tips & Tricks that we have developed over the years!

Lets Crush Life Together

Terry & Teresa