Light Keeper Pro – A Must have Tool For Repairing Lights on Your Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


Light Keeper Pro for repairing Christmas lights


So if your like many people today, you have purchased or you are thinking about purchasing a pre-lit Christmas Tree. If your like me you may feel it was the best money you have ever spent.

Pre-lit trees can range from $200 to $1000 dollars depending on the quality of the tree purchased.  We decided to spend a little bit more more so that we would have a tree would hopefully last many years.

With that being said, we bought a pre-lit Frontage Christmas Tree that we give a 10/10 for quality.

We have owned this tree for several years and for the first time we pulled it out of storage and found that a couple of strands in the middle of the tree were dead!

I believe we lost these strings because of some rough handling when we were storing it away ūüėČ

So what do you do when this happens? Do you just string new lights over the pre-wired lights or throw away the whole tree?  Stringing new lights would be my solution, but not my husbands. His solution is to start repairing the light strands that are out and if that is your just keep reading.



1. Check FusesFuses for repairing christmas lights

Did you know that most lights on ¬†pre-lit trees have fuses in the plug? ¬†I sure didn’t, but they do. ¬†Hopefully your manufacturer provided extra fuses with your tree.

In our case Frontage sent a cool little bag filled with fuses, replacement bulbs and 2 strands of lights!

If you didn’t get replacement fuses don’t worry. ¬†you just need to pull your fuses and take them to the local hardware store and pick-up replacements.

If you have changed out the fuses and it did not fix the problem continue reading.


# 2 Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

I am sure you are thinking that these are very obvious suggestions for repairing your lights, but what do you do if you have lights that continue working with burnt out bulbs? Or better yet, when a bulb can be burning but it is breaking the current running to the rest of the lights?

This was our situation. ¬†We couldn’t figure out which bulb or socket was the problem which made repairing our pre-lit lights an very, very long job. But, after some research my husband found the Light Keeper Pro! ¬†We are deeming it a MUST HAVE Christmas Tool and that is why we are doing a full review on this product!




The Light Keeper PRO is the complete tool for fixing miniature light sets! A must for Christmas time.

This all-in-one tool fixes most light sets in seconds by addressing the damaged bulb at the plug or at the socket. The LED Head Light helps visibility in light repair.

The Audible Continuity Detector traces the circuit to the point of interruption. The 3-way bulb puller helps release tight bulbs from their sockets. The Bulb & Fuse Tester tests both indoor and outdoor mini lights.

There is a spare bulb compartment in the handle for storage of extra bulbs and fuses. Three (3) 1.5-Volt Batteries are included. Patent pending. The trigger send a pulse that will activate a defective shunt; This fixes the circuit allowing the current to flow.

Simply plug your Light Keeper PRO into the light set, pull the trigger and a pulse goes to the bulb, fixes the shunt and allows the light set to work correctly. The light keeper pro is not intended for use with led, rope or light set/sets with control boxes.

  • All-in-One Multi Function Light Tester; Features make it easier to fix mini lights sets
  • Features include Quick Fix Trigger, LED Head Light, Audible Continuity Detector, 3-way bulb puller, bulb and fuse tester, a storage compartment and 3 1.5-Volt batteries are included
  • Simply plug. Click. Fix; Fixes most light sets in seconds by addressing the damaged bulb at the plug or at the socket.
  • Defective bulb shunts cause most light set failures
  • The Light keeper Pro is intended for the repair of Holiday Miniature Light based sets only; Check Light Manufacturer’s instructions before use.


Light Keeper Pro for repairing christmas lights


5 star rating


Wow. Wow. Wow. Absolutely perfect. I had doubts. I had an expensive tree that was purchased 10 YEARS AGO. There were 4 entire strands of lights out, and I could not locate which bulb. To do this one bulb at a time would have taken me 6-8 hours.

I am not an electrician. I am just an average person who reads instructions and has a basic understanding of how Christmas lights work.

I bought a few sets of replacement bulbs (at about $2 per package,) and got to work. The voltage detector worked flawlessly – allowed me to find the non-working bulb quickly. The “quick-fix trigger” worked almost every time at activating the shunts on the non-working bulbs, and then I was just able to go down the strand, find the bulbs that were out, and replace them. Absolutely amazing.

The light-puller on the end was an added bonus, and the light tester at the top was ALSO FANTASTIC, because there were a couple of times that I pulled out a non-working bulb, and it WORKED in the light tester, which allowed me to quickly go right to the source of the problem, which was that the contacts in the socket had come loose a couple of times.

A job that would have easily taken me an entire day took less than 2 hours from start to finish, and I had over 25 non-working bulbs that are now replaced and glowing brightly. This was a serious job that turned into a breeze, and I am still enjoying a beautiful tree that I purchased a decade ago.


5 star rating

Annoying Christmas light set? No more! Amazed that it does work even with someone who hates reading directions. Google “light keeper pro” an watch the video. Even for a refresher from last year. Worth every penny!


4 star

This worked pretty well. I had so many strings of lights that had sections unlit. I followed the instructions and was able to get most of the lights back on after a few clicks. When there was a single light out here and there it was because the light truly needed to be replaced.



The Light Keeper PRO for us is a must have tool for your Christmas Decor Arsenal especially if you have a pre-lit Christmas Tree.  However, if you do not read the instructions or watch some videos on how to properly use this fantastic tool you may walk away thinking it is a good tool but does not do all it claims it does.

Let me assure you this tool does everything it says it does.  If you are not getting the results you want you may need to stop and do a little homework.

We put this review together because we felt that this was one of the most useful tools we have every bought and hope that it may help you!

Until Next Time – Keep Crushn’ It!


P.S. If you’re getting ready to decorate your tree for the holidays make sure you check out our blog One Simple Way to Transform Your Artificial Tree Fast¬†and if your in the market for a pre-lit artificial tree check out this article Best Time To Buy an Artificial Tree in 2017.


Light Keeper Pro

Light Keeper Pro





Easy to Use







  • All-In-One Multifunction Tester
  • Quick Fix Trigger Method
  • Great Instructions
  • Batteries Included


  • No Carrying Case
  • Some light sockets may not fit in socket connector

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